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22 February 2013

High Five for Friday!

1. My amazing friend, Kayla, made this table for me in like two days! Whenever my husband sees discarded furniture he always brings it to Kayla because she repurposes furniture to sell on the side, he had no idea that I asked her to keep an eye for a good table to make a farmhouse style table. He brought this nasty white and light wood table to her and before we knew it, she had produced this beautiful masterpiece!!

2. These are two of my best friends in the whole world. They grew up in Canada together and we met in college. The brunette (Andrea) and her hubby just moved to Texas and the blonde (Josie) just popped in for a visit this past weekend! This picture was taken during a cookie making excursion, keep your eye out for that blog post this week!

3. Ok, so if you read my makeup favorites post, you know that under eye circles are one of my biggest foes. I finally cracked and bought the hard stuff. Mac's mineralize concealer is AMAZING. I absolutely love it!

4. This view this past week just made my day. I opened up all the windows and just drank it in. Ahhh.

5. We had a combined birthday bash for these two special people this past week! Ryan and Laura are dear friends of mine and I had a great time at their bowling party (although I'm awful at bowling). The party was complete with Team Ryan and Team Laura t-shirts! It was awesome :)

Hope you all have a fantastic weekend! 


  1. gettt ouuut, that table is amazing! I would love to have something like that! Stopping by from h54f :)


    1. Right?! And farmhouse tables are not cheap, I'm grateful to have people in my life who know how to make things (because I am not one of them). Thanks for the h54f visit :)

  2. That table is just what I'm wanting! So darling!

    1. Thanks! I wish I had a knack for doing that kind of stuff!

  3. Rachel, I love your new table!
    Tomorrow I need to post a dresser that my husband and I just redid.
    I want to try that MAC concealer now, too!
    new follower, have a great weekend!

    1. Oh my gosh, you'll love it! Make sure to set it with a small brush + translucent powder, it'll stay alllll day!

  4. Hey Rachel! Stopping by from the link-up today. Loving your blog already - totally a new follower. :)

    I think I'm going to have to try the mineralize concealer next. I used the pro longwear concealer, and I don't love it. I love all things MAC, but for some reason I don't like what I currently use.

    Have a great weekend!