February Desktop Calendar Favs!

I'm a big fan of a great looking desktop, and I especially love the calendar desktops. I know, I know, it's already like a week into February (you'll have to excuse me, work has me going cray-cray these days).

But I wanted to share with you some of my favorite iphone and desktop calendars for February! Enjoy!

This one is so cute! Love the calm color scheme, and I always love a good peacock cameo. You can find it here!

This next one is probably my favorite right now, it's currently the lock-screen on my iphone! I'm a coffee lover and I love this font! You can find it here!

I love how simple this calendar is, but how busy and fun the surrounding pattern is! You can find it here

This one reminds me of those cute doily valentines I used to get in elementary school! Love the pleasant pink color, you can find this calendar here

Hope you enjoyed this little blurb of a post! And I hope one of these pretty calendars makes it's way to your desktop or phone to help remind you that Valentines Day is only one week away (Eek!)! 
Blessings ya'll!


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