Purposeful Marriage

So apparently the part of a person's personality that enables them to blog consistently is missing from mine.

It's one of my goals to become better at this, because I truly do enjoy it! I want to start adding more posts about beauty products that I've been trying as well as the reflective posts that I normally post.

Today's post is once again inspired by the book "What's It Like to Be Married to Me?". Author, Linda Dillow, asks her readers to create a marriage purpose statement. This can be anything that represents your goals and desires for yourself in your marriage.

As Dillow says, "It is a statement about what is really important to you as a wife". It can be a poem, prayer, passage of Scripture, acrostic or a letter to yourself. I chose to create an acrostic from my husband's name, and I'd like to share it with you :)

Converse respectfully
Argue lovingly
Respect sweetly
Stay consistent
Only speak fondly
Never take for granted


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