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15 January 2013

Erin Condren 2013 Life Planner Review

This being my first product review on this blog, it's only fitting that it has everything to do with being organized. I may not be the most organized person in the world, but I sure do love it when everything is in its place and I know exactly what's on my calendar for the next 10 years.

I found out about Erin Condren a couple months ago through a friend. I loved the idea of having a customizable planner that was also spiral-bound. I'm big into spirals for ANYTHING I have to write in. And this spiral is a BEAST. Love it.

As I did more research I realized that Erin Condren makes much more than just planners. She creates customizable iphone cases, wedding paraphernalia and even a little something for the men in our lives!

I finally committed to a style for my planner and placed my order, I may or may not have overreacted when it finally arrived.

First of all, can I just say that I appreciated the playful packaging? Good call, Erin. Good call.

I chose to put a shot of my ADORABLE chihuahua from a photoshoot with Jake Ford Photography on the front cover of my planner. Most of the examples I saw on her website have pictures of families, spouses and children but I can never look at this picture and not smile.

She does have some great artwork if you don't want to add a photo. I was so impressed with the quality of this cover. My photo looked so clear and the cover itself is thicker than I imagined and the lamination is definitely coffee-proof.

I was pretty particular about the colors I wanted for the back of the planner, I added in the comments section of my order that I only wanted "taupe" and "seafoam" to be used (per her color guide). It looked exactly the way I wanted it to!

Now, the inside of the planner was what really made me satisfied with my purchase. The monthly tabs are laminated and easy to reach and the monthly view is laid out so perfectly with just the right amount of space to fill in for each day. There is also a a section for "goals" and to-do's" for the month.

The weekly view is divided into "morning", "day" and "night". This has actually helped me organize my appointments and I always have room for each day's events. The planner includes a ruler tab that makes it easy to get to the current week (and it's also useful for making straight lines when you're penciling in a long vacation).

Here are some of the extra goodies that help make this planner awesome!

A place to record all birthdays and anniversaries (which really helps when your husband is one of 9 kids!).

A place to record important numbers (she also includes the numbers to call if you have a lost or stolen credit card).

There is a place to take notes on both lined and unlined paper. And also a small folder in the back and you can add a pen holder (which was an absolute MUST for me, I'm quite picky about my pens).

Erin also includes sheets of stickers to help catch your eye for all the important things! Please note my awesome gel manicure :)

This planner is hands-down the best planner that I've ever purchased. And as someone obsessed with planners and notebooks, I've definitely tried a few. $50 is certainly a splurge, but this planner works for me and helps make my life less stressful and more organized (especially since I'm still finishing school). It's worth it to me to have a place where all of my appointments, schedules, to-do lists, birthdays and commitments are being stowed.

**I was not compensated in any way for my opinions and purchased the 2013 Life Planner on my own.


  1. you're teasing me! i still need to buy my '13 planner and I also love aesthetically pleasing organization and spirals. good share!

    1. You would love this planner, seriously. I might be a little too obsessed with mine :)

  2. thanks for the great post, thrilled you love your planner! just added to our pinterest board, check it out! pinterest/erincondren enjoy!

    1. Thank you for my planner! I'm honored to be added to your pinterest board!

  3. If you are a new Erin Condren customer and are interested in ordering, you can use my link to save $10 off your first purchase (you’ll get a code via e-mail after you register).