They're a few things that I'm obsessed with.
being clean and organized
nail polish
Everybody Loves Raymond
my morning cup of joe
Having to battle a headache because of my lack of coffee, being annoyed that my house isn't perfectly clean and organized and laying out all my pretty nail colors just to look at, got me thinking. Why in the world am I not as obsessed about my personal relationship with Jesus as I am about the little things in life that have grown to matter so much to me?
I know this may sound like a "Jesus Juke" (phrase coined by author Jon Acuff) but it's really not. As I'm reading "The Circle Maker" I decided that one of the things that I am going to circle in prayer for myself, is to be constantly growing in the Lord and to hunger and thirst for the things of God. So God has been using the little things in my life to show me how small I've made Him. Yeesh. What an awful feeling.
There is really only one thing to do when this problem rears it's ugly head. Remember the Lord.
Psalm 77 is a powerful example in Scripture about remembering the works of the Lord. Remembering the Lord doesn't need to be remembering huge, unforeseen miracles in your life. It can be small things and people that He's placed in your life like, needing new clothes and having an awesome family in your church take you on a shopping spree at the mall (shout out to Cheryl and Dan Harder!), it can be wanting to get your hair done and not having the money and having your youth leader treat you (shout out to Debbie MacFarland!), it can be listening to old songs that you wrote and remembering how present the Lord made Himself to you, it can be your closest friends being there for you, it can be not knowing how to make ends meet and then the Lord providing 13 students who desperately want to take piano lessons from your husband. Whew! I'm getting overwhelmed! It can even be taking a leap of faith and finding out that you're right where God wants you, and he's taking care of your needs and desires.
The Lord gives and the Lord takes away, blessed be the name of the Lord! His sovereignty does not depend on Him granting my desires. He IS sovereign and should be at the TOP of my "obsessed with" list. Lord, help my unbelief and stir my passion for You.


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