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They're a few things that I'm obsessed with. CarsonScoutbeing clean and organizednail polishshoesjournalscandlesEverybody Loves Raymondmy morning cup of joeHaving to battle a headache because of my lack of coffee, being annoyed that my house isn't perfectly clean and organized and laying out all my pretty nail colors just to look at, got me thinking. Why in the world am I not as obsessed about my personal relationship with Jesus as I am about the little things in life that have grown to matter so much to me? I know this may sound like a "Jesus Juke" (phrase coined by author Jon Acuff) but it's really not. As I'm reading "The Circle Maker" I decided that one of the things that I am going to circle in prayer for myself, is to be constantly growing in the Lord and to hunger and thirst for the things of God. So God has been using the little things in my life to show me how small I've made Him. Yeesh. What an awful feeling. There is reall…

Defining Success

I've gotten a bit behind on my "Circle Maker" reading but last week I picked up where I left off! I was challenged to define success for myself. Which seems like an easy enough task. Until you sit down with a pen and paper and actually try to write it down. Sheesh. So here's what I've come up with, I'm sure that it will change as my life changes. And I hope to add onto it throughout the years. 1. To be a joyful, supportive, caring and loving wife whom Carson adores, loves and respects. 2. To be a consistent, prayerful and godly mother.3. To play a role in encouraging and motivating young women in their walks with God.4. To never stop writing for me and my family.