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Writer's Block

I've dusted off the old blog in hopes that I'll start writing more again. It's been just a bit since my last post, but honestly I don't think I would've even known what to say. I used to free write all the time, but I've since lost my creative passion for it. But oh how I miss it. So tonight I'm going to try it again. Although I do expect that my creative voice will sound much different than the pages of my journals from high school and college. It's kind of weird to define yourself as a write for so many years and then get to 23 years old and kind of have no idea what you are anymore. I enjoyed writing, so I would like to continue to write. Thus the effort of resurrecting this old thing. My heart beats fast// Hands clenched// Mouth tightThey talk so fast// Keep up// Talk right Not good enough// Sit down// Shut upFor freedom sing// Open mouth// No soundGod, rescue me// From my// Own thoughts This is just a little piece about something I've dea…