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19 July 2010

Desperate Women in the Bible

One of my passions -- along with singing/songwriting, is creating bible studies. It's not the easiest thing in the world but I've discovered how much I enjoy it during a Women's Ministry class last semester. For this class we had to pick a topic in the Bible or a theme in the Bible and create a Bible Study based on that theme. After much thought, I chose what is probably the most interesting topic for me -- Women in the Bible. That seemed a bit vague so I narrowed it down to Desperate Women in the Bible. After doing a study on different women and their roles in the Word of God I learned so much about the simple stories I had heard in Sunday School. My eyes were opened to the tragedies, the pain, hurt, betrayal, deception and loneliness of these women. I figured such would be an interesting Bible Study. To teach other women about how they could relate to different women in the Bible.

So, I have decided to post these Bible Studies on my blog! They need some tweaking and adjusting -- as they were written for a youth group audience -- but I'm excited to share what God laid on my heart a few months ago! I hope they are enlightening and inspiring as we dive into the lives of women in the Bible and their desperate moments.

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