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24 August 2010

It's All New

Oh life. It's been awhile since I've been able to post a new blog. Life is really starting to move into the fast lane for Carson and I. I started my classes at Liberty University yesterday and I am so pumped about this year. I mean, I'm taking a history class, a math class and an english class -- THAT I'm not too thrilled about. But I get to take some really awesome Church ministries classes this semester and I'm also starting an internship with the Women's Ministry Dept. here at Thomas Road Baptist Church! When I think about how I came here to LU, met my husband, switched my major and changed my whole life it's crazy to see how perfectly God orchestrated the events in my life.

My father in-law has encouraged me to start posting again, which is good because this is a great outlet to write and express myself.

As for my current spiritual growth I feel like I suddenly looked up and realized that I'm in quite the rut. I have always felt so close and passionate in my walk with the Lord but I've come to realize how truly selfish I am. It's not a fun realization to have. I guess being married has played a big part in that -- I praise God for my marriage and my amazing husband because not only is it a huge blessing in my life but it's also a source of revival for me (if that makes sense). During a church revival I have always been under much conviction, but at the same time experiencing much joy because I know that God chastises those that He loves. I guess that's what I'm trying to say.

I hope to grow in my walk with God and develop a walk that is that of Hannah's -- so close and so dependent on my Savior. I hope to develop a Christ-like spirit that just shouts JESUS! I hope you relate to my ramblings and are encouraged by what the long day has stirred my heart to write.

19 July 2010

Desperate Women in the Bible

One of my passions -- along with singing/songwriting, is creating bible studies. It's not the easiest thing in the world but I've discovered how much I enjoy it during a Women's Ministry class last semester. For this class we had to pick a topic in the Bible or a theme in the Bible and create a Bible Study based on that theme. After much thought, I chose what is probably the most interesting topic for me -- Women in the Bible. That seemed a bit vague so I narrowed it down to Desperate Women in the Bible. After doing a study on different women and their roles in the Word of God I learned so much about the simple stories I had heard in Sunday School. My eyes were opened to the tragedies, the pain, hurt, betrayal, deception and loneliness of these women. I figured such would be an interesting Bible Study. To teach other women about how they could relate to different women in the Bible.

So, I have decided to post these Bible Studies on my blog! They need some tweaking and adjusting -- as they were written for a youth group audience -- but I'm excited to share what God laid on my heart a few months ago! I hope they are enlightening and inspiring as we dive into the lives of women in the Bible and their desperate moments.

15 July 2010

Housewife of Lynchburg

Well, as of today I have been married to the love of my life, Carson Wagner for 41 days! My husband is the most exciting, sweet, sensitive, loving, compassionate, talented, and wonderful man that I could have ever asked for. We have had a crazy year so far. With planning a wedding, traveling part time, taking classes full time, working and having busy schedules. Life has finally slowed down and I have to admit that I miss the busyness of life!

I am blessed with a wonderful man of God who values our spiritual life together as a couple and having a healthy relationship. So, we have recently begun the "Love Dare" which is a 40 day challenge for couples to strengthen their relationship and help to develop their biblical love. I am beyond excited about everything that I am going to learn from it. Marriage has definitely been amazing, but has definitely taught me so much about myself.

I have found that today's society urges women to have an "I am a goddess" mentality. This can be so destructive in a marriage relationship. Believing that your man should love and respect you regardless of your loving and respecting him is just ridiculous. I've learned so much in the past year -- as Carson and I have really grown together and worked on developing what would become a vibrant marriage relationship -- that both parties contribute to the cycle. There is a cycle of conflict in which the way you respond to him and the way he responds to you determines what will happen next. There is also a cycle of love and affection where if you "starve" him because you feel as if he is "starving" you, there will be little room left for the romance to flourish.

God has given me an incredible man and an incredible life. I have been given a gift and the journey has had it's wonderful ups and it's devastating downs. As much as I love my sweet husband, I know that my personal relationship with God is first. What a wonderful feeling, to have your husband look you in the eyes and know that you love him unconditionally, you respect him for the incredible man that he is, and you value him and trust him.